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The brand experience: nextgengreen

nextgengreen is an online community for people to share ideas on how to reuse, recycle and renew products in order to live a sustainable, ethical lifestyle. They came to hello belle studio to design the logo, the illustrative mark, twitter profile and blog.

I asked Mary Rose Roberts to share her thoughts on the new nextgengreen brand and her experience working with hello belle studio.

What do you love most about the new nextgengreen brand?
I specifically appreciate the consistent branding across all of the nextgengreen social media platforms: the blog, twitter and facebook. This put a professional face on a community discussion-based blog hosted by Google. The visual branding provides a modern, clean background for conservation topics while avoiding green coloring, something that often is cliché in “green” branding.

nextgengreen logo / by hello belle studio

“What was great about working with hello belle studio is how much you learn about your business before the project even starts.”

What changed for you or nextgengreen through the creative process?
What was great about working with hello belle studio is how much you learn about your business before the project even starts. It was interesting to fill out the questionnaire and then determine how to hone in on what exactly nextgengreen was attempting to provide to readers.

Any advice for others thinking about branding or rebranding their company?
Fill out the questionnaire and take your time. It is essential to having a direction from the onset, which will save time on the production of branding materials.

nextgengreen moodboard / by hello belle studio

What’s the single most important benefit you received from working together with hello belle studio on this brand redesign?
A clean, professional look that lead to reader and vendor buy in.

What has been the most measurable impact on nextgengreen after the new brand launched?
An increase in readership.

What three adjectives best describe the design style or approach of hello belle studio?

I liked the organization from the beginning of the process. This reduced stress and increased productivity.

The one thing I liked best about hello belle studio is…
The importance of educating clients on the branding process.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Mary Rose Roberts! If you’re interested in green products that fit with your modern lifestyle, check out the active nextgengreen facebook page.

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